Sunday, October 4, 1970

United Church Scrapbook (1923 - 1959)

The United Church scrapbook (192 images) includes program announcements, church bulletins, correspondence, and extensive newspaper clippings from the period roughly from 1923 to 1960. This archived version attempts as much as possible to preserve the scrapbook digitally in the same form as the physical scrapbook.

United Church Scrapbook

Thursday, September 3, 1970

Letter from Rev. Allyn Robinson to the congregation - Sept. 30, 1943

Rev. Allyn Robinson came to the United Church of Raleigh in the late 1930s. He is widely known for having started the Institute of Religion in 1939. But on September 30, 1943, he drafted a remarkable and unusual letter to the congregation.

He begins by acknowledging rumors that he was planning to accept a call to another position. He describes the job offer he has received, and then describes his strong feelings for the United Church that have persuaded him to decline the offer. But then he emphatically proclaims “BUT SOMETHING IS WRONG!” and proceeds to berate the congregation for poor attendance at worship on Sunday mornings. And their lack of enthusiasm for worship leads him to conclude with the charge that such apathy is the cause that “the liberal church is weak.” And finally he lays out the expectation that he will see his parishioners at church on Sunday mornings unless they are “providentially hindered” from being there.

Monday, August 31, 1970

A. A. Riddle

A. A. Riddle obituary from Sept. 2, 1952

Wednesday, April 8, 1970

United Church Organizational Structure - 1952

This little booklet has markings that indicate that it probably dates from 1952 or 1953. It includes directory information as well as a listing of some scheduled meetings.

Monday, February 2, 1970

Brochure describing the downtown United Church of the 1960s

This brochure dates from the final decade of use of the downtown United Church building. Note that Collins Kilburn is Pastor, Arnold Hoffman is Choir Director, and Peggy Hoffman is Organist. In 1969 the congregation moved to the present location on the corner of Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail.

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Monday, January 12, 1970

Allyn Robinson

Allyn Robinson was Pastor of the United Church of Raleigh from 1938 to 1946. He is remembered as the founder of the Institute of Religion. He returned to Raleigh after his retirement in 1977 and was active in the church for many years thereafter. In 1993 he was the recipient of the Frank Porter Grahm Award bestowed by the American Civil Liberties Union of N.C.

Thursday, January 8, 1970

Radical Christianity - Collins Kilburn, Jan. 8, 1964

Pastor Collins Kilburn addressed the Congregational Meeting at Raleigh United Church on January 8, 1964. His purpose was to challenge the congregation to rethink its mission for the coming year. He proposed a "radical Christianity" that finds its arena in the world of work and play rather than in the sanctuary of the church building. But he also spoke of the radical nature of the love which binds a congregation together. Have we lived up to Collins' challenge of more than 40 years ago?

Remarks to the Congregational Meeting on the subject of "Radical Christianity" -- Collins Kilburn (13:40) (read by Lavon Page)

Monday, January 5, 1970

Congregational Photos - 1945 and 1947

These photos are most likely photos of United Church gatherings. The only person I can identify in either photo is Rev. Eutsler (in the 1947 photo, dark 3-piece suit standing beside woman holding baby). It is highly likely that Polly DeCosta and others who are well known to some present CUCC members are pictured in these photos. If you recognize anyone in either photo, please contact me. -- Lavon Page

Sunday, January 4, 1970

Rev. Fred Eutsler

Rev. Fred Eutsler was Pastor at United Church of Raleigh (1946-1951). Rev. Eutsler’s sister, Polly DeCosta, remained an active member of CUCC into the 1990s.

Thursday, January 1, 1970

Institute of Religion

The Institute of Religion was organized at the United Church in Raleigh (the predecessor of Community UCC) in 1939. The Institute ran to around 1960.

The nested links at the left lead to a variety of photos and documents from that era. Most of these were provided by Mary Pruneau, Mrs. B. F. Carter. Mary’s mother is pictured in one of the photos on page 7 of the press coverage from the Raleigh Times for the 1951 sessions.

Brochure 1950
Brochure 1951
Brochure 1952
Brochure 1953
Brochure 1957
Press Coverage 1955
1955 Institute Programs

Lulu Brewer Vaughan

Mrs. L. L. Vaughan death notice from 1951

L. L. Vaughan

Dean L. L. Vaughan of the School of Engineering at NCSU was the person for whom the "Vaughan Wing" (fellowship hall) of the church is named. Professor Vaughan taught Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University for forty-three years.  He and his wife, Lula Brewer Vaughan, were pillars of United Church when it was located on the corner of Hillsborough and Dawson Streets.  He served as Chairman of the Board of Deacons several times and at one time or another was chairperson of nearly every board and committee in the church.  His generosity sustained the church through good times and bad.

How Big Can a Little Church Be? - by Peggy Hoffmann

Peggy Hoffmann wrote an article which appeared in the December 1954 issue of the International Journal of Religious Education. The article is entitled "How Big Can a Little Church Be?" Important parts of the history of United Church of Raleigh during the period 1940 - 1954 are included in Peggy's story.

How Big Can a Little Church Be?

Vacation Bible School - 1955

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In 1955 the United Church began an integrated Vacation Bible School program. This formed a tight alliance between the United Church of Raleigh and First Congregational, which at that time was pastored by Rev. Howard Cunningham (bottom photo). This marked the beginning of a long relationship between Rev. Cunningham and CUCC. He visited CUCC frequently up until the time of his death on Dec. 24, 2003.

Rev. Howard Cunningham and Rev. Gaylord Noyce
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Institute of Religion coverage in the Raleigh Times (1951)

Photo Coverage by the Raleigh Times of the Institute of Religion events held at United Church of Raleigh during the 1951 sessions.