Friday, June 4, 1971

The E&R Church - Our Present Home

The First Evangelical and Reformed Church of Raleigh was formed in 1954. (See first photo in collection below. This plague is hanging in the CUCC Fellowship Hall.) In 1956 the E&R congregation completed construction of the church building on the corner of Dixie Trail and Wade Avenue. (See second photo in collection. This plaque also hangs in the Fellowship Hall.) The photos in this collection represent the earliest known pictures taken of the new church. One of them pictures the Rev. G. Harold Myers in the pulpit. Rev. Myers served as Pastor at the Evangelical and Reformed church during the 1950s. In 1969, the United Church of Raleigh abandoned its downtown location and moved to the E&R church to merge with the E&R congregation. (The E&R and Congregational-Christian denominations had merged in 1957, so this joining of churches in 1969 was a merger of churches which were already associated with the same denomination). By 1969 the E&R congregation was relatively small, and following the merger few of the E&R members were actually assimilated into the new congregation.