Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Narrative of the Church

This is a film narrative about Community UCC and the various ancestral branches that have led to the present day church. It is not a history, in that it doesn't seek to explain or interpret nor is it anywhere close to being the full story of the church. It's a narrative based on church artifacts and recollections that have been collected and preserved over the years. Many of the anecdotes in the film are taken from the Remembrances available elsewhere in this archive.

A brief printed narrative of the history of the physical facilities used by this congregation was prepared by Merrilee Jacobson in October 2019.
Let me emphatically say that this is not an "official" church production. The choice of subject matter is almost entirely mine. Unquestionably, there are folks who would have selected other content. I will avoid the usual disclaimer "all the opinions expressed herein are my own", because in fact none of the opinions expressed in the film are my own. The characters selected are speaking for themselves in their own words. So the personal touch that I have provided is only in the selection of material, not in the interpretation of it.

This is not a promotional video for the church. It shows the bumps in the road along with the things we like to brag about.

You will find the newspaper clippings to be more readable if you watch the video fullscreen and at the highest resolution your Internet connection will support. Presently Vimeo sets the initial resolution automatically based on assessment of your bandwidth. But there is a manual override. And Vimeo supports fullscreen viewing. The picture to the right shows how to access the resolution settings and how to activate fullscreen viewing.

The entire film is 67 minutes long. It's broken up into four parts of varying length. All four parts are available below.

-- Lavon Page
-- January 2016
Part 1 (Length: 12 min.)

Part 2 (Length: 16 min.)

Part 3 (Length: 19 min.)

Part 4 (Length: 20 min.)