William Davidson Parry
The United Church scrapbook (192 images) includes program announcements, church bulletins, correspondence, and extensive newspaper clippings from the period roughly from 1923 to 1960. This archived version attempts as much as possible to preserve the scrapbook digitally in the same form as the physical scrapbook.

I found the scrapbook in September 2012 buried deep in a pile of disorganized boxes of photos and miscellaneous clippings and documents in the closet off the back room in Pilgrim House. Apparently at one time the scrapbook had been transferred from Mary Pruneau to Cy King, presumably during the period in the 1970s or 1980s when Cy was serving as church historian. Cy eventually returned the document to the church, and it apparently landed among other disorganized artifacts that no one is really in charge of.

As much as we talk about the historically vibrant periods of our past, including the Institute of Religion, what we generally hear is the same stories over and over. This digital archive attempts to give a moe complete picture of our past by including stories rarely heard, and artifacts seldom seen.

The divisions in the sidebar to the left are taken from the divisions in the scrapbook itself. So the order and structure of this archive matches that of the physical book. You can browse the scrapbook by clicking the various nested links to the left, and once you’re in an album you’ll see that the captions for the photos are often descriptive of what the item is all about.

So enjoy getting to know our past a little better!

Lavon Page
September 2012