Saturday, June 20, 2015

CUCC Membership Register

This register was made available by Carol Clark in June 2015. It includes active and inactive members. The PDF version is better for online viewing because the pagination is more compact.

Church membership register (June 2015) - PDF version
Church membership register (June 2015) - Excel spreasheet

Geri Bowen extracted from this a list of charter members of CUCC at the time that the United Church of Raleigh merged with the E&R Church at 107 Dixie Trail in 1969.

Charter members of CUCC (1969)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Confirmation 2015

Confirmation Sunday was June 7, 2015. Those confirmed were Cooper Atkinson, Alex Bowen, Zenna Bryan, Brooke Lipman, and Caitlin Longmire. The ceremony shown here includes the complete program with the exception of short videos made by Cooper Atkinson and Zenna Bryan. (Those will be added as soon as they are available on YouTube.) The opening remarks are by Deb Lipman, and the ceremony includes participation by Pastor Peg Williams and Youth Leader Śānti Matthews.