Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Remembrances (1981)

In the spring of 1981, our CUCC historian Ann Elleman recorded a series of interviews with long time CUCC members. This process lasted for several months, and Susie Sapp put in long ours to transcribe the interviews to text. The result was a 90-page single-spaced typed document that is packed full of first-person accounts of the early years of CUCC and the decades of life at the United Church of Raleigh that preceded formation of CUCC. In September of 2012, Lavon page scanned the report and indexed it so that it can be searched for individual participants. This has become a valuable resource to bring to life some of the names you hear so often when old timers talk about our past.

Remembrances (1981) (91 pages)

There is also a PDF version of this complete document available. The PDF version is not indexed, i.e. you can't jump to the interview of a specific person as the above list allows. But the complete PDF version is handy if you want to read or print the entire document. It's a 25 megabyte download.

PDF version (25 mb)