Friday, June 1, 2001

Nancy Keppel - WUNC Radio Commentaries

Nancy Keppel was always self-effacing when talking about her many commentaries broadcast on WUNC-Radio in Chapel Hill. “If I can do it, anyone can,” she said frequently. But Nancy had a gift, and her wit and charm displayed in her commentaries gives a faint glimpse into the many gifts that she gave to CUCC and all who knew her for so long.

Use this player to play all the tracks below:
Introduction (1:09)
Words (3:32)
Cheerwine (3:45)
Women's Basketball (3:15)
Reunion (3:55)
Dating Game (3:50)
Sex Talk (2:59)
Senior Moments (3:31)
Life Goes On (3:20)
Kidnapping (3:18)
Dust to Dust (2:57)
Introduction to Essay (0:16)
Essay: At Home on Mocksville Avenue (8:24)
Conclusion (0:13)